I'm Back.

The older I get and the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know and how small I am in the grand scheme of the universe. 

But the other day, a brilliant scholar and dear friend of mine recently read a quick piece I wrote on another site and called me and told me, "Write more. You need to write more." I immediately started thinking of all the reasons I shouldn't and what was it about my last post he read that sparked this thought. Especially because he's an extremely well-read person and I'm sure reads the works of people far more talented/educated/worldly than I. But before I internally talked myself out of it, he had already given me enough gas to convince me to do it. He told me I have a way of communicating that is extremely simple but powerfully effective and that I should write a collection of essays that people can read and study or dissect. Now and in the future. He gassed me up good, didn't he? But, here I am. Writing...

"A collection of essays."

That's the phrase that got me. 

Something smaller that's a part of something larger. Pieces that are seemingly independent but still connected. Parts of a whole. And I see us as people, as humans, that same way. I think we are learning that we are far more interconnected and need each other now, more than ever. I realize my thoughts are that way. Always trying to find the connection or reason between things and people and experiences. Using info learned from one place to answer the question from another. And as I see how many people are screaming into a void, vomiting their opinions and searching out online fights with strangers, I see people searching for connection and truth in a world and moment that doesn't seem to value either. We don't even know HOW to take in information anymore. We glance, skim, speed read to gain just enough info to further our already biased opinion and then dive right back into a social media "debate" with new tools to engage in more online recklessness in trying to get someone to change their views while never taking a look at our own. I did that for awhile and I'm sure I've done more good than not, but that shit is exhausting. The countless hours spent trying to convince someone that 2+2 was 4 was important work but not worth the headaches I received from banging my face against my desk at people's determination to be stupid. That's why I stopped writing before. 

But I'm back. And will be writing more and posting here. Because? ...  Hell, I don't know. Just 'cause. And hopefully something sparks something that sparks something that sparks something and you can gain something from these words that will encourage your journey, challenge your thinking, motivate you to go after what makes you happy and as always... #DoBetter #WrittenBy.



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