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Rip Through Hesi Step Back Gather In F# Minor

There's a little park with a basketball court by my house I go to sometimes to put up some shots and get in a little solo workout.  I love basketball and have since I was a kid.  It's my yoga.  It's therapeutic for me.  I love the sport.  For numerous reasons. There's a group of guys I see some mornings who always play 3 on 3.  They're all adults, between 30 and 50 I'd say and a half court game is perfect for them.  I go to the other side of the court, do my drills, shoot my shots, and listen to my music.  For my hoopers out there (or anyone who has played any sort of sport) you know what I'm about to say is true.  It only takes one  guy to mess up the whole game for everybody else.  One.   Enter this guy.   I started seeing, rather  hearing , this dude about a month ago.  Always yelling.  Arguing calls.  Disputing fouls.  Throwing up airballs and blaming it on the wind.  He is just... that dude.   Again, basketball is my yoga.  So every time I would find my

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